Dance Like A Man

Every Theatre On Your Own production will embark you to a different experience. A lot goes into doing so! Our experimental approach is common to all, but each production is crafted suitably and sensitively to the laws of the text and the freedom of creative expression. 

Dance Like A Man, written by Mahesh Dattani, is a spectacular representation of many elements and art forms at play. If that wasn’t enough, we even have sensory elements up our sleeves to give you an inside-out experience of the story. A script cum dance-based production, later transformed into an out and out dance drama has gone through many trials and tribulations due to the complexity and effort packed attempt of ours to tell this tale of misery. 

The play explores separate time spaces with our characters flawlessly and swiftly moving and juggling between each. Trained for over 3 months in Bharatnatyam, our actors make a full attempt to live up to the characters of the play. Much effort has gone into creating the right rhythm, conceputalisation, set design, aura, and the smell too and integrating them into this phenomenal drama full of dance and rasas.

Our inclusive process and various inputs have folded beautiful things into the production that unfold much beautifully for our audience. This one will get you and grip you and have you revisit many places-  inward and outward.

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