Sarbajeet Das

15 years of stage experience which also involves 2 years of international theatre . He has worked for good production houses in Bengaluru, Pune, Pondicherry , Odisha and the USA .He is trained as an actor by Mr Ratan Thakore Grant  from Misfit

Veenapani Chaawala ,Nimmy Raphel and Vinay kumar at Adishakti .

He is trained in Stanford Meisners technique in the USA .

He is also trained in ​Text to performance using  Michael Chekhov​ by director Josh Chenard

He has real time work experience in broadway plays, musicals and have also directed 2 plays in Richmond , Virginia during his tenure . Plays directed by him  are still running in Bengaluru. But there is no end to learning . hope you would make an effort to see his plays and provide feedbacks .

Reviews of his work as an Actor/Director by Indian and International reviewers 
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3) swift creek mill theatre , Chesterfield, Virginia

4) swift creek mill theatre, Virginia

5) deccan chonicle 1

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