Faria Fatma

Faria Fatma Is a seasoned theater practitioner with over 12 years of experience in Performing Arts. She is the managing director of Bangalore based Theater Company Theater On Your Own. She has done 100+ shows in Bangalore as Actor/Producer and Production member for Theater On Your Own in the span of three years and has completed around 80+ shows for other production houses in India as an artist/director and production manager. 

Apart from these major productions, she has done 20+ plays in Bangalore, Ranchi, and Kharagpur of independent and amateur banners and has also coordinated numerous theatre events around India in small scales too.

She has a very good command over Hindi, English and Urdu language and poetry is her strength. 

A Masters in Information Technology and working in the software industry for 12+ years, she is currently working as a Project Manager in Wipro Technologies. 


  • She is trained as an Actor by eminent theatre Artist Rashi Bunny of Banjara Theatre

  • She is trained by Sarbajeet Das in the Sanford-Meisner approach to Acting.

  • She has taken a Training workshop in Light design and execution by Pritam Kumar

  • Trained voice actor.

  • She can dance very well in Bollywood style and have got good exposure to basics

      of Kathak.

  • She has a special inclination towards poetry and has written few of them.


  • She has conducted professional acting workshops for Adults.

  • She has designed a theater workshop program for kids and adults.

  • She has written, directed, and acted in theatre-based corporate training programs.

  • She has done event management for Renaissance in Ranchi.

  • She has done assistant direction for a short movie names HELP-LASS.

  • She has written, directed and acted in various plays at College and University


  • She was a cultural secretary at Oracle’s Synergy and managed multiple events at

      Corporate level. 

  • She has done anchoring of cultural program and corporate events at Hexaware, Oracle, Wipro, and IBM in the span of her employment in the respective companies. 

  • She has written, acted and directed various plays, mime, and skits for corporate


  • She has performed in respected theater arenas of Bangalore (Rangashankara, Jagrithi, Kalasaudha, Alliance Franchise, Chowdaiah, etc. )

  • She has been an active member of Banjara (a Mumbai based theatre group)

  • She has been a core team member of Kalyan Theater Group Bangalore for 7+


  • She has been an active member of the Wipro based Indradhanush theater group.