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Welcome to the Official Website of Theatre On Your Own (ToYo).  This website is dedicated to keeping our audience and supporters up-to-date with our shows, productions, and various activities that we undertake to showcase art in many ways. 

Through our work, we aim to touch people with the possibility of art and how it can transform the lives of people on both sides of the stage. We are just a drop in the ocean. But we are an ocean in a single drop.

Season Of Fortitude 2020-21

The most wonderful things have emerged from tough times. We have understood that we can’t be taken over by the wave that COVID-19 has brought on us…we got to ride it. On this note, we have challenged ourselves to create, sustain, and push through these uncertain times even after being hit by it in many ways but one. We are sure that something wonderful will come out of us during this time, and we can’t wait for you to see it.  

Although our intentions are strong, we do need support. If you connect to us in some way and wish to help us, please use the link below to contribute and donate so that we can keep ourselves a little warmer and keep the fire of theatre alive. We are always grateful, humbled, and obliged.  

Thank you. 

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Positive Reflective Monologues to breeze through these tough times and blossom through it.

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Join hands to reduce the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the arts. 

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