Past Productions

Over the years that we have given our time and involvement in theatre, we have made many wonderful plays and many a wonderful moments. This has been possible only because of the dedication and devotion of our team members towards making things happen even in great volatility that is life and theatre. 
We have always stayed true to our experimental and exploratory nature with an open eye to the scope of theatre and arts. This has become a great quality of ours that we hold close to us as we go through every piece of art that we have crafted and many more in the years to come. The following productions speak for us more than we can ever speak about them. 
We genuinely hope our work reaches, intrigues, and touches you in many ways.

Home Scripted Plays

32 shows so far


Aadhe Adhure
20 shows so far
Dance Like a Man 

15 shows so far


God in the loo

3 shows so far


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