The heart of our work is crafting and producing plays. Our Mainstage Productions are our means to connect with our audience and represent art and theatre in a way that is fresh, new, and conducive to all kinds of people to watch, enjoy and benefit from. Since our inception, we are always trying to present perspectives in ways that can resonate and remain with our audiences and this approach has made us and our plays very dear to our viewers. 

Our intention with ToYo Mainstage is to maintain what is key to us- the process, while making a world of plays integrating various art forms. Our direction, set pieces, music, and various elements that many ToYo audiences marvel at are crafted with time, patience, and originality to give our viewers the best experience of the text. 

An always welcoming and comprehensive branch of ToYo, the Mainstage activities are never at hiatus and invite people and works of all kinds with the determination to put out fundamentally artistic theatre, evocative to senses and transformative in experience.